“Good food is fundamental to good health. Everything you eat either hurts or heals you. That is why we have cooking classes where people can learn to prepare delicious healing food from gourmet integrative chefs.”

-Deborah Ann Ballard, MD, MPH

Healthy people DO routinely eat:

  • A wide variety of plants

  • Whole foods

  • Fish

  • Anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric and ginger

  • Small amounts of high-quality dairy  products such as aged cheeses and yogurt

  • Very little sugar

  • Very little meat

  • Sufficient calories to maintain a healthy body weight without storing excessive fat.

Healthy people do NOT routinely eat:

  • Sugar or artificial sweeteners

  • Preservatives, dyes, binders, and synthetic flavor enhancers

  • Much meat, especially cured meats

  • Heavily refined grains

  • White starchy foods

  • More calories than needed to maintain a healthy body weight

Healthy people do not drink their calories.  They drink water, tea, coffee, and a little wine.  They do not take lots of supplements.  They get their vitamins and minerals from natural foods sources. However, supplements may be very helpful if true vitamin and mineral deficiencies are present, and Dr. Ballard can test for these deficiencies if indicated by your symptoms.

At Sanford Health, we understand that food is medicine.  Thats why we are partnering with local gourmet chefs to provide cooking classes where our clients can learn how to prepare optimally healing meals.  Integrative nutritionists are available for individual consultations and assist with our cooking classes. Dr. Ballard uses diet plans from the Institute of Functional Medicine, such as the Elimination Diet, Detox diet, and the Cardiometabolic Diet to achieve specific therapeutic outcomes, such as lowering inflammation, reducing body weight, and identifying food sensitivies.   We can craft a nutrition plan for you that can reverse obesity, Type 2 diabetes, inflammation, and improve your overall health and wellbeing.