Deborah Ann Ballard, MD, MPH

Over the course of her 29 year medical career, Dr. Ballard has learned that common chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, and many others, can be prevented and reversed with proper nutritional support, physical activity, stress reduction, and toxin avoidance. Because she is open to new ideas and wisdom from non-western healing traditions, Dr. Ballard also recommends healing practices such as acupuncture, massage therapy and herbal medicine as non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical approaches to chronic pain, fatigue, and other common conditions. Dr. Ballard is deeply committed to practicing medicine with the utmost integrity and therefore only recommends treatments that are evidence based. Realizing that medical knowledge is always changing, Dr. Ballard is dedicated to learning and keeping up to date with emerging medical innovations. She incorporates these new discoveries in neuroscience, genomics, and environmental medicine to offer more effective ways for her patients to become wholly well. Dr. Ballard received her MD degree from the University of Louisville and her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Ballard studied integrative medicine at Duke University and The Scripps Center. She studied Functional Medicine through The Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Ballard is board certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

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Joyce D Scherdin, MSC LMFT

Helping people improve the quality of their lives and their relationships is my passion. My therapy practice and our work together relies on all natural, scientific researched techniques shown to heal from our pain, enhance the enjoyment of life and deepen the connection within relationships. I specialize in healing from anxiety, depression and trauma.

By working with me, you can expect to gain:

Deepened understanding of yourself and others. Improved communication and connection with others. Courage and compassion toward self and others. A Mindfulness practice. Reduced anxiety, stress and worry. Coping tools and healthy strategies you can use in the future as new circumstances create anxiety, worry or stress. Improved sleep, confidence, self-worth and hope. Emotional healing. Healthier and fulfilling relationships. Awakened Spirit.

Rik Ehmann

Asian Medical Practitioner

Rik first became interested in acupuncture when a local acupuncturist healed, in just three treatments, an arm injury that had persisted for more than eighteen months.

Rik’s studies began in 2004 in Chengdu, China to learn Taoist and Buddhist roots of Chinese medicine. Those studies included daily qigong, chanting, and presentations by Chinese medical practitioners. This teaching was woven through a trip across China, from Cloud Cap Observatory (A Taoist monastery built in 1041) outside Chengdu, down the Yangtze River and out to the Buddhist monasteries of Mt. Puto in the China Sea.

Upon Rik’s return to the U.S., he entered Oregon College of Oriental Medicine to pursue a four-year course of studies, including more than 2625 hours of acupuncture and Chinese herbal training, and more than 250 hours of Medical Qigong Training. After completing his studies, Rik returned to Nanjing, China and interned in five hospitals there, studying with experts known in China as “National Treasures” individuals who have been practicing Chinese medicine for more than 40 years and are recognized as living masters in the art of acupuncture.

Rik had the honor and privilege of providing a weekly free clinic to the homeless in Phoenix, Arizona at the Lodestar Day Resource Center every Tuesday morning for almost 5 years. During that time he provided more than 2,500 treatments. Tuesdays were his favorite day of the week.

Rik’s focus is reducing stress. eliminating chronic pain, women’s health issues, digestive issues, weight loss and control, allergies, migraines and difficult cases of imbalance from unknown origins. He uses acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, tuina, CranioSacral Therapy, moxabustion, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, and Medical Qigong in his quest to restore his patients to a state of balance, harmony and health.

Kimberly May

Wellness Coaching Specialist

Be inspired to reach a higher level of performance through leading edge, holistic coaching and healing therapies. Rewire your brain to respond more effectively to stress. Identify how to best move forward personally and professionally. Be inspired to reach new heights and feel your best by learning how to : • Develop your full potential • Better navigate transitions like job or relationship changes • Address hidden blocks and remove what’s holding you back • Discover your purpose • Be inspired to move forward to the life you really want!


Kimberly is a Licensed HearthMath® Provider, Life and Wellness Coaching Specialist, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, Speaker, and Workshop Leader, with over 17 years experience in Integrative Medicine. She uses her corporate business background to help busy professionals and businesses to thrive by accessing their intuition to create new ways of being and doing business from a more calm and centered place. She loves coaching others to reach their full potential, align with their life purpose, reduce stress and assist them in removing blocks to uncover the authentic self. She spends her free time enjoying organic gardening, cooking and teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle they enjoy!


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Michelle Eckhart

Registered Dietitian

As a Registered Dietitian in practice for over 20 years in the Louisville, Kentucky area, Michelle has worked with patients with a variety of diseases and health issues.  Many of these diseases stem from a lifetime of unhealthy habits, which require dedication and commitment to change.  These experiences strongly reinforced Michelle’s belief that the key to health is prevention.  She has a passion for helping people find ways to eat healthier and still look forward to enjoying every meal.  Diet is the front line of disease management, so helping each client along their journey to healthy eating is vital to their long term health and well being.

Michelle is passionate about healthy food and loves to cook and to explore new cuisines. She has been a vegetarian for over 20 years and has found joy in passing this love of food and healthy eating on to friends, family, coworkers, and the community.

She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from the University of Kentucky and did a dietetic internship at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Michelle is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist and a Licensed Dietitian in the state of Kentucky. She is also Certified in Adult Weight Management through the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and is working towards becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Rhona Bowles Kamar

Wellness Chef and Food Writer

Food is one of the many ways we can enhance the quality of our life energy and is a powerful tool for healing.  I am passionate about sharing my 20+ years experience as a professional chef at my family’s restaurant, Ramsi’s Café on the World, to teach others practical skills for cooking with the most intensely nutritious ingredients. Through my teaching and writing at I am dedicated to helping others learn to cook for themselves, which I see as an act of self love and a way to literally take your healing into your own hands. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Kentucky and a health coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am also co-owner of my family’s certified organic farm, Raising Hope Organic Farm, and am very passionate about supporting the work of organic farmers.


Lisa Flannery

Yoga Teacher

Lisa has been finding joy in her yoga practice since 1990 and honored to receive her 500 Yoga teacher training certification in 2001.  Since that time she has inspired many on their yoga journey to find the same.  Lisa currently leads classes, workshops and retreats to fabulous destinations. Lisa is dedicated to supporting wellness in her community and loves nothing more that to share the gift of yoga.